You are an (aspiring) leader, manager or well-educated professional faced with work-related questions and dilemmas. In that case individual coaching can be an excellent tool to continue your career path with fresh insights and new energy.

Your issues may differ in nature: from “how do I deal with …?” to “what do I want?” and “how do I do that?”. The common denominator is always that  you have the desire to find the answer. A step that almost without exception will result in change, however small. Professionally and personally.

As coach I support you during this change process.

Trust and respect are the basis. Driven by my curiosity about you, my desire to understand you and with an open mind. Creating clarity and understanding by asking questions, asking (many) more questions, verification and challenging. With a down-to-earth solution-focused approach and room for humor. Where needed addressing the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward. Looking for a different perspective using a structured process. To enable you to find the answers that help shape the desired and necessary change in your professional life.

I am also a photographer. I regularly use visual language, creativity and photography as instruments in coaching.

In 2016 I completed the NOBCO certified training ‘Coach-the-Coach’.

My curriculum vitae includes detailed information about my background and work experience. Due to my extensive experience in an international business environment I am fluent in English, both written and verbal, and I am available for coaching in English.

Are you interested in individual coaching or would you like more information? More information about the intake, the coaching program and the costs can be found here.

Or feel free to contact me by phone (+31 (0)6 5196 8172) or email (