portrait of a leader

Leadership is the ability to look at yourself and the willingness to reflect on your performance and who you are as a leader. This is exactly what Portrait of a Leader facilitates.


Portrait of a Leader is an individual coaching module that can be run as part of a leadership development program, management team training or leadership conferences. At the start of the 1:1 coaching session, professional coach and photographer Barbara van Schaik takes the participant’s portrait. Instantly visible on screen, the portrait is the starting point for coaching and reflecting on the participant’s leadership and development.


Portrait of a Leader immediately brings an up close and personal atmosphere to the 1:1 coaching session. The focus is entirely on the individual. Confrontational in a respectful way. As a result, Portrait of a Leader coaching sessions go right to the heart of any issues that the participants face in their leadership and development. Strengthening the effectiveness and complementing the learnings of the plenary program. 

Practical information

Portrait of a Leader sessions can run parallel to the plenary program, or scheduled around it, in a separate meeting room. Depending on the number of participants, the 1:1 coaching sessions will last approx. 1 hour per participant. Whenever possible, natural (day)light will be used for the portrait photography. However, portable photography studio equipment (lighting and/or flash) is available when required. Participants receive their black-and-white portraits as a physical reminder of their reflections and insights.

Like all coaching conversations, the 1:1 Portrait of a Leader sessions are confidential, and what is discussed between coach and participant will not be communicated by the coach in any way to the trainers, program leads, managers, or other participants.

Contact me via +31 6 5196 8172  or info@scherptediepteconsultancy for information about pricing and availability. 


“The 1:1 coaching session really brought some clarity

“Coaching session was very very helpful for me”

“Found the coaching session really useful even if I did executive coaching before

Really enjoyed the 1:1 coaching”