who is afraid of rotten tomatoes?

workshop about giving, receiving and asking for feedback

Feedback: a very valuable and powerful tool for development of oneself, others and teams in the workplace. At the same time many (including myself!) find giving, receiving and asking for feedback not always easy, and even difficult and scary. Hence the title.

In the workshop we will address your ‘rotten tomatoes’: the obstacles that prevent you from having meaningful feedback conversations. Of course we will also discuss the best recipes for giving, receiving and asking for feedback.


Anyone who wants to let go of their fear of rotten tomatoes and wants to start having meaningful feedback conversations: managers and non-managers, professionals and freelancers.


We will work in a small group (minimum 4, maximum 6 participants). The workshop lasts 4 hours.

When and where?

A date, time and location will be set in consultation with the participants when the minimum of four participants has registered for the workshop.


€ 110,- p.p. (excluding 21% BTW). You will receive an invoice.

How do I register for this workshop?

Send an email to info@scherptediepteconsultancy.nl and you will receive a confirmation. 


Of course the workshop can also be run in-company. Contact me via info@scherptediepteconsultancy.nl to discuss possibilities and for more information.