Looking for a fun teambuilding activity for your virtual team? Try a Workshop Zoomtrait!

What is a Zoomtrait? A Zoomtrait is a portrait taken via a Zoom connection. Photographer and subject are not actually in the same physical space, instead they are connected via Zoom. The camera is not in the hands of the photographer, but is the camera in the laptop or phone of the subject. And the photographer uses print-screen to take the photo instead of pressing the shutter button on a camera.

During a Workshop Zoomtrait, virtual colleagues and team members learn about portrait photography and about each other. You will work in pairs (in Zoom breakout rooms) to take portraits of each other. What do you know about your colleague? Have a conversation and think about what you want to tell about your colleague in a photographic portrait.

What photographic choices will you make? How do you take a nice portrait of your colleague with a phone or laptop via a Zoom connection? I will show you inspiring portrait photography and Zoomtrait examples. I will reveal the tips & tricks of Zoomtrait photography. And you can ask everything you ever wanted to know about portrait photography.

Together we will look at and discuss the results. Portrait photography via Zoom as a fun, inspiring and educational way to engage in a conversation with colleagues: getting to know each other better, gaining (more) understanding of each other and thus increasing the cooperation within the team.

About Project Zoomtrait: I started using the Zoomtrait method for my portrait photography during the COVID lockdown restrictions that were put in place in The Netherlands late 2020. What started as an experiment grew into Project Zoomtrait, where I took portraits using Zoom of friends and strangers all over the world.

Practical information: the workshop Zoomtrait takes place via Zoom and lasts max. two hours. The workshop can take place as two sessions of one hour if desired.

Contact me via +31 6 5196 8172  or info@scherptediepteconsultancy for more information, availability and costs.